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PDMF UNIVERSITY (PDMFU), is a non-profit degree-granting educational corporation in the USA and confer academic and honorary degrees / diplomas legally under the laws of the USA. PDMFU has been conducting full-time programs under regular mode onsite educational programs (IN COLLABORATION WITH, THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED, THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES (THE IUFS)), utilizing a collaborative framework and methodology for education delivery with the support of local educational partners in various countries. However, since 2010, due to the necessity to keep abreast with the changing modern methods of education delivery and in order to reach more students globally, PDMF UNIVERSITY became an online university, with the purpose to offer online / distance education programs. Except in Cambodia, where we offer full-time programs in association with MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ROYAL GOVERNMENT OF CAMBODIA ACCREDITED AND MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS ATTESTED, IIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, CAMBODIA, (full-time programs to be offered shortly in DUBAI as well) elsewhere, all the programs that we offer are now conducted only via online / distance education mode IN COLLABORATION WITH, IIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, CAMBODIA.

PDMF University (PDMFU) is committed to providing quality educational programs globally at an affordable cost to students through a unique educational methodology.

PDMF University is unique among the educational institution in the world. It arose not from some chance of history or local patriotism, but from a view of life which has been of vital importance in the development of our modern society. It was born out of the liberal, progressive movement. The founders of it sought to establish a non – traditional institution of higher learning, which would be free from the social exclusiveness, and academic traditionalism prevailing and which would promote the growth of a free academic society.

The basic principle, which the institution contributes to modern thought, is that higher education should be available to all who could profit by it at, at a reasonable cost, without distinction of any kind. And remains dedicated to its founding principle, that a liberal education teaches disciplined reasoning, effective communication, and love of learning. This broadening of the basis of entry, brings about the reform of education on the whole, for the people who want studies to be open to all. Of-course, the degree of success of the individual will depend on how appropriately one assimilates, adapts and practices the educational inputs.

PDMF University online is run by a team of globally distributed academicians, staff, volunteer faculties, and subject matter experts.

PDMFU, caters to the need of managers, administrators, officers, students, and functionaries who have received little or no formal training, in terms of imparting knowledge, skills and attitudes, in a professional manner, with specifically focused programs.

The mandate of the PDMFU University is to:

Provide access to higher education to all segments of the society;

Offer high-quality, innovative and need-based programs at different levels, to all those who require them;

Reach out to the disadvantaged by offering programs at affordable costs;

And Promote, coordinate and regulate the standards of education offered through open and distance learning.

To achieve the twin objectives of widening access for all sections of society and providing continual professional development and training to all sectors of the economy, the University uses a variety of media and latest technology in imparting education.

The degrees are granted directly by PDMFU, USA and are covered by the institutions' approval in the USA. The degrees are legitimate and legal, globally. PDMFU is an ISO:21001/2018 – Management Systems for Educational Organisations accredited institution. PDMFU is not accredited by any accrediting bodies recognized by US Government agencies as reliable accrediting agencies - as mentioned by the U.S. Department of Education in www2.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/accreditation_pg6.html.


Our mission is to provide free education through innovative technologies to enable learners worldwide to improve their socioeconomic condition and to inspire them to be socially responsible humanitarians.

To fullfill its Mission, PDMFU:

Offers a no-barrier admission policy for all learners who meet the basic requirements for admission and instruction.

Provides free education for all who join its learning community.

Partners with non-profit organizations, other institutions of higher learning, businesses, governments and individuals to expand access to free education.

Engages expert full-time and associate faculty who use advanced technology to provide a selfpaced, competency-based, online learning experience that adapts to the learner’s unique methods of acquiring knowledge.

Sustains a creative environment for learners of diverse ages and cultures through instructional excellence and supported by extensive student to student collaboration among learners.

Presents a general education program that stimulates creative thinking, life skills and communications aptitude; and encourages learners to use a variety of disciplines to assess information from multiple perspectives.

Integrates awareness of humanitarian issues throughout the curriculum.

Maintains a culture of evidence to establish optimal standards in all institutional activities.

Core Beliefs

The global community should have access to education without cost.

Economic barriers prevent a large portion of the global population from having access to education.

Access to education enables learners to gain knowledge and skills central to elevating them from poverty and to inspire them to seek solutions to local, regional, national and even global problems.


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